Bahamian Language Basics

British English is the mother tongue spoken by Bahamians on all the Islands of The Bahamas. However, island to island there are some variations in dialect and accent. Generally speaking, Bahamians have a distinct dialect, which is a mix of British English and various African languages. You may also here Haitian Creole in the Bahamas due to the large Haitian population within the country. Here are some popular words and sayings you are likely to hear while visiting the Islands of The Bahamas.
What You Sayin?|A standard greeting amongst friends that simply means "How are you?".**
What Da Wybe Is?|Another popular greeting, mainly for young Bahamians, that means, “What’s going on?” or “What’s new?".**
Ha It Go?|This greeting can be translated as “How Is It Going?”**
Common Words
Bey|Pronounced as [bay], this common Bahamian slang is used as a suffix for almost any statement, primarily for emphasis. "No bey; Yes bey; What you saying bey?"**
Mussie|This term has two uses: one is literally translated as must be, as in "you mussie crazy". The another use is to express doubtfulness, as in "I don't know, mussie".**
Wybin’|If someone is “wybin” with another person that means there is a disagreement or fued between the two parties.**
Switcha|Made with sugar, water and lemon or limes, the word is a synonym for lemonade.**
Well Mudda Sic|Used as a way of expressing excitement or shock.**
Das A Wybe|Often used by young Bahamians as an affirmative or curious response to a statement.**