Best Transportation in Bahamas

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Bahamas team

Getting around in the Bahamas is an experience in itself, especially if you travel by taxi. Bahamian taxi drivers are world famous for their storytelling abilities and their customer service. The Bahamas has an open culture of engagement, so don’t be shy to ask for your privacy if the taxi driver is talking your head off. However, building relationships with the people you encounter is half of the experience. Ask taxi drivers for tips about things to do and places to go. They are some of the best resources. 

All forms of transportation at all levels of service are accessible in the Bahamas, including car rentals, scooters, golf carts, bus and limousine services, even helicopter transport. Depending on which island you are visiting, however, your options may be limited. Golf carts will probably be your vehicle of choice if you visit Harbour Island, whereas Andros requires an all-terrain type of vehicle.    The public transportation system in the Bahamas is not generally used by visitors unless they are specifically looking for a colourful adventure. You will not find organised bus stations with maps showing routes and times like other destinations, and if you do, they are not always trust worthy. Bahamian buses operate in 'Wild Wild West' fashion. There is generally no public transportation in the Out Islands.