Best Restaurants in Exuma Chain

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Bahamas team

The Bahamas has a large pool of international award winning chefs staffing its many restaurants and eateries. You will find a unique mixture of Bahamian and international cuisine in Bahamian restaurants. The range from beach front grills that allow you to walk bareback to fine dining establishments, where only a shirt and tie will do. For fine dining, look towards large hotels, tourist districts or the posh areas of town. In the capital Nassau it is easy to find American, Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine. In the Out Islands, you will mainly find Bahamian cuisine at local restaurants, of which seafood is a staple, although hotel restaurants offer more diversity.  

Classic Bahamian street food (and if you ask me, our national meals) include one of two options: chicken in the bag (literally served in a brown paper bag) or a conch snack. Anything 'cracked' in the Bahamas means deep fried; anything called 'a snack' means protein served with French fries. You can get one of these two options and variations with fish, lobster or shrimp at any bona fide Bahamian restaurant. A dinner option will include a mixture of typical Bahamian side orders, peas 'n rice, macaroni, coleslaw, potato salad, plantain or corn, instead of French fries.  Late night food is difficult to find in the Bahamas, especially on the Out Islands. Catch the kitchen before it closes and stock up on snacks because street food is hard to find after restaurants close.