Abaco Islands

The Most Independent of Them All

The Abacos are self invented islands – a coming together of Loyalist passion for freedom and self governance, the lush wilderness of old pine forests and mangrove wetlands, and the perennial calm of the turquoise Abaco sea that ebbs and flows as it beckons sailors to its moorings.  From Walker's Cay in the North to Castaway Cay in the South there are more than 60+ named islands and cays scattered across The Abaco chain.  These enchanted isles provide retreat for local residents and visitors as they hug the main landmass of Great Abaco and Little Abaco.  

A Boater's Paradise

With 18 marinas and 6 Ports of Entry, the Abacos primarily cater to a community of boaters.  Many of whom trek 80 miles or more across the Gulf Stream and the Little Bahama Bank to make their way to paradise from West Palm Beach or elsewhere on the southern Florida coast.  
Its rental homes and beach resorts supply all the amenities you will need to vacation in comfort and style.  While in the Abacos take the liberty to explore the land and sea at your leisure. And when all the cares of the world fall away and the golden sun illuminates the salty sky, remember Van Morrison’s words, “hark now hear the sailors cry, smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic…”. 

Fun Facts 

Abaconians are proud to boast of their unique attractions like the 120 foot candy-stripe lighthouse on Elbow Cay.  This structure is only one of two lighthouses across the Bahamas that is still being manually operated.  
Abaco is also well known for its resilient pine.  In Abaco's early history, its pine was exported for use in the construction industry within the Americas.  This highly sought after wood even helped to build the prestigious halls of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Island Inspiration

Abaco’s main city Marsh Harbour inspired social innovator Nick Miaoulis to start an organic Neem farm, which manufactures medicinal and cosmetic products. Just south in Little Harbour, world-renowned Bronze sculptor Randolph Johnston created the first bronze-casting foundry in the Bahamas. From The Johnston Studio’s Art Colony several notable Bahamian national monuments were born, including the well-known bust of Bahamian founding Father Sir Milo Butler. And the traditional harbour village of Schooner Bay can be found nestled further south on Great Abaco. 

The Fight for Self-Determination  

Abaconians have an independent spirit which is reflected today as pride for the islands. You will see it in the care they take of their pastel pink, blue and green gingerbread houses and white picket fences; in the way they feverishly protect their Spanish Barb horse population that inhabits the Abaco Wild Horse Preserve; and the measures they've implemented to safeguard the Abaco Parrot that builds its home amongst the trees at the Tilloo Cay National Reserve. 
The spirit of independence is what has sustained generations of boat builders, sailors, fishermen and families in The Abacos for hundreds of years.  That spirit has also kept a watchful eye over the pristine ecosystems in the Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park. 
Even more so, it harkens back to the early 1970s, an infamous period of eager self-determination and political insurrection that defined The Abacos. The legendary Abaco Independence Movement has faded from the national independence narrative, however, it remains an important part of The Abacos' history.  

Best for Whom and for What

A visit to The Abacos is best for boat lovers, couples, families with teenagers, mature travelers, bachelors and bachelorettes. The best Things to Do in The Abacos are beaching, diving and snorkeling, fishing and boating, hunting, weddings and luxury experiences. 


Complete List of Islands and Cays in The Abacos

Allens Cay, Ambergris Cays, Bamboo Cay, Big Romers Cay, Bonefish Cay, Brush Cays, Carter Cays, Cashs Cay, Castaway Cay, Cave Cay, Crab Cay, Crab Cay, Cross Cays, Daniels Cay, Double Breasted Cays, Duck Cay, Elbow Cay, Fiddle Cay, Fish Cays, Fish Cays, Foots Cay, Fowl Cay, Grand Cays, Great Abaco, Great Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay, High Cay, Hog Cays, Joe Cays , Little Abaco, Lubber’s Quarters, Lynyard Cay, Mangrove Cay, Man-O-War Cay, Matt Lowes Cay, Moraine Cay, Mores Island, Moses Cay, No Name Cay, Nunjack Cay, Orphan’s Cay, Parrot Cays, Patton Cays, Paw Paw Cays, Pelican Cays, Pelican Cays, Pensacola Cays, Powell Cay, Randalls Cay, Rock Harbor Cays, Scotland Cay, Seal Cay, Smith Cay, Snake Cay, Solider Cay, Spanish Cay, Strangers Cay, Sugar Loaf Cay, Tilloo Cay, Treasure Cay, Umbrella Cay, Walker’s Cay, Water Cay, West End Cay.